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Welcome to the Power of Portrait.

The “Power of Portrait – We are in this Together, Vancouver” project is a is a citizen-led initiative to reclaim boarded-up storefronts as canvases to share stories of resilience and reinforce community connection, through portraits of Vancouverites. Our group has come together during this Coronavirus Crisis to use art to remind us all that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. To reclaim boarded up businesses as canvases for self-portraits of Vancouverites in quarantine and self-isolation that tell a hopeful story.

The project asked for portraits and Vancouver delivered with 125 submissions. We have printed 48 of these poster size in black and white and posted on Robson Street outside Sephora. This project will show a diverse group of Vancouverites. These portraits will provide a reminder of our common humanity and experience living in the era of COVID-19 in Vancouver as well as revitalize the area for the time we are isolating to prevent its spread.

We were very excited to read the impact the project had. Most people answered the two questions we had. How has the virus impacted you and how has the project impacted your sense of community. 

You can read the stories on the Gallery page by clicking on any photo.

We want to bring art that uplifts. We would like to tell our story of connection with each other. We believe we do not have to lean into fear and although we may need to protect things we can also lean into people and their beauty. We hope this project will start a conversation and at minimum spark joy.

The beautifully diverse people of Vancouver – diverse in ethnic and cultural backgrounds, age, gender expression, socio-economic status. In our printed posters we have a great representation of the diversity in Vancouver. 

We are all in this together Vancouver! Joy. Peace. Connection.

As the coordinating group, we are a diverse representation of Vancouverites. We came together to help sort through all of the photos and picked ones to print that were high enough resolution and represented a wide diversity of Vancouver. 

We would gratefully acknowledge JR and the insideoutproject.