How does this project impact your sense of community?

“This time seems to be about revealing our collective humanity, our ecology of being as a community; all of our vulnerabilities are at play. This project helps us to return to the basics of, ‘You are here and so am I and we need each other’ even if we don’t exactly know what that means yet.”
This is about hope and humanity. It’s valuable for us to come together and look outside of ourselves so that we can be there for one another with compassion. I believe in people. I believe people care. This project reinforces my belief that we are all in this together and we will help one another through it.”
“A cool celebration of life, through a growing tapestry of faces.  A grassroots expression that we are all in this event together – as a collective of individual isolations and private experiences.”
“One of the things I love about Vancouver is that it embodies a sense of worldliness that makes me feel so at home. These faces, these smiles, these lines, speak to a world rich in wonder and experience. Everyone belongs.”
“By being apart, we play a part in making us all stronger.”
“Being part of this project makes me feel even more at home in Vancouver. It gives me a sense of belonging to a much broader community than I thought I was a part of. Thank you so much. “
“I think it’s important to remember our seniors who live in the poorest neighbourhoods. They are doubly vulnerable. They are our parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, etc and we need to keep them all safe.”
“Seeing the stores boarded up made me sad as it was a direct impact of the virus. Seeing all the different faces together reminds us that we are one!”
“Empathetic people working together in a crisis with a common goal. Putting a face to our neighbours, people sharing a global event that will connect us through collective trauma.”
“I have learned a new way of living in a short amount of time and am amazed how fast one becomes aware and willing to adapt and modify for the greater good of others.”