Poster of Submissions

We’re very pleased to let you know we’ve created a souvenir poster! Below is the composite of almost all the portraits that were submitted. We had some submissions that could not be used due to image resolution or other issues. 

If you would like a souvenir poster of Power of Portrait, we’ve arranged an option with the printer we had. You can contact Adil at Graffika and arrange payment and pickup of the poster yourself. Posters are the printer’s cost of $16 plus tax and are 24″X36″ but you could print them smaller.

Or, if you want to print it yourself, feel free to download it

For individuals whose portraits were pasted up there is an option to have your photo printed at full size, 36″X48″ for the printer’s cost of $24 plus tax . You can have it printed smaller too. We regret we cannot do this for everyone. If you are interested, please email us and we will give you information on how to do this.